7 Reasons You Should Always Record in a Studio

One of the great things about music is that you can enjoy it anywhere. From attending gigs with friends to singing in your shower, music can be an integral part of your life. When it comes to recording, however, some locations are certainly better than others.

Although there is plenty of software out there that allows you to record music from home, there are numerous reasons why recording at home can be frustrating and disappointing. To find out why a studio-produced track is invariably better, take a look at these seven reasons why you should always record in a studio:

1. Top Quality Equipment

Choose the right recording studio and you’ll gain access to a wide variety of professional-grade equipment. From guitar amps and drum kits to processors and synthesizers, a fully equipped recording studio will provide everything you need to lay down your tracks.

Very few people have the space or funds to create a purpose-built studio at home. In fact, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) attempting to recreate a studio setting within your own home. When you hire a professional studio, however, you can keep your project within budget and still gain access to the top-quality equipment and instruments you need.

2. Better Acoustics

As every musician and singer knows, the acoustics in a room have a major impact on the overall sound. Every room has its own unique acoustics, and this affects how sound travels and the quality it retains. Although you can take steps to optimize the acoustics at home, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to create the best environment in which to record.

In contrast, professional studios are kitted out to deliver the best possible acoustics. At Pirate’s NY music studio, for example, every room is acoustically treated to provide you with the best environment. When you visit a NY music studio to record tracks, you’ll notice that the sound quality far surpasses anything you can produce at home. What’s more – self-service access to Pirate’s studios mean you can enjoy optimal acoustics whenever inspiration strikes.

3. Sound Engineers

If you want to access professional input and guidance, working with a sound engineer can be a revelation. When it comes to securing the best sound or editing and producing tracks, an experienced sound engineer will hit the mark every time.

When you’re mixing or editing your own music, it’s easy to overlook issues that you’ve become accustomed to. You might be so used to hearing your own sound that you no longer notice when things aren’t quite right. Alternatively, you might not have in-depth knowledge of the equipment or options that are available to enhance your music. With a sound engineer providing professional recording and post-production services, you can have confidence that the finished product will be top quality.

4. Decrease Mixing Time

While a sound engineer can certainly enhance your sound, a poor recording will inevitably take longer to fix. Whether you’re mixing tracks yourself or hiring a pro to do it for you, securing a high-quality recording will always reduce the amount of time it takes to get the track ready for release in post-production.

Not only does this reduce the time it takes to produce your own music, but it can also drastically reduce the cost. Instead of spending days or weeks mixing tracks that have been recorded in subpar surroundings, you or your sound engineer can create the best sound in a matter of hours when you get the recording right.

5. Avoid Noise Disturbances

When we’re used to our environment, we learn to block out unwanted noise. In fact, we get so used to it that we begin to subconsciously ignore background noises, like air conditioners or pipes creaking. However, your recording software won’t be so generous when it comes to ignoring these unwanted sounds.

When you record at home, you’ll become acutely aware of just how loud the environment is when you listen to the track – and this is before you deal with unwanted interruptions from family and friends!

By recording in a professional studio, however, you can ensure that there is no unwanted background noise or unnecessary disturbances. This enhances the quality of your sound and also gives you a place of seclusion where you can allow your creativity to come to life.

6. Build Your Network

When you spend time in recording studios and professional rehearsal spaces, you’ll get to know local artists, producers and engineers. Studios are invariably filled with knowledge and expertise, which means you can learn a lot simply by spending time in a studio setting and chatting to the people around you.

The music industry is collaborative, and people are typically happy to share tips and help you to achieve the best sound, so listen out for advice and guidance. In addition to this, you’ll get the lowdown on the local scene and start raising your profile amongst promoters, producers and other artists.

7. Have More Fun!

Recording in a professional studio is undeniably more fun than attempting to record at home. Whether you’re aiming for a career in the industry, or you want to expand your hobby with a professional recording, spending time in a studio is a sure-fire way to feel like a rockstar.

When you book time in a studio, you’ll be able to optimize the quality of the music you’re producing but you’ll also be able to have fun while you’re doing it. From getting to know fellow musicians to sharing your passion with friends and bandmates, booking time at a professional studio will only serve to increase your enjoyment of making music.

Are You Ready to Record Your Music?

To make the most of your studio time, be sure to think carefully about the tracks you want to record in advance. By having a plan in place, you can get maximum value out of your time and come out with tracks that you’re truly happy with.