Do you know what keyframes are? Do you know how they apply to video editing? If not, you should find out.

Keyframes are essential to video editing, as they are the link between video and animation. Without them, animating a video would be virtually impossible.

To learn what are keyframes in video editing and how to use them, keep reading.

What Are Keyframes?

In film and video production, a keyframe is a drawing that varies slightly from one frame to the next. The term comes from the days of hand-drawn animation when each frame would be drawn slightly different from the one before it to create the illusion of movement.

In video editing, keyframes are used to mark specific points in time where you want an effect to begin or end. For example, if you want a clip to fade in from black, you would add a keyframe at the beginning of the clip and set the transparency to 0%. Then, at the point where you want the fade to end, you would add another keyframe and set the transparency to 100%.

Keyframes can be enhanced through various effects available to the software being used.

Zooming In and Out

Keyframes are used to create a zoom effect by zooming in and out of a particular frame. By adding keyframes, you can control the speed and direction of the zoom. 

Changing the Position of the Clip

To set a keyframe, simply select the clip in the timeline and then click the keyframe icon. A faint blue line will appear to indicate the keyframe. You can then move the clip to the desired position, or make changes to the other properties, and the keyframe will be automatically set. 

Transition and Filters

There are two common types of keyframe transitions, cut and dissolve. Cut is the most basic type of transition, where one clip simply replaces another. Dissolve is a more gradual transition, where the first clip fades out while the second clip fades in.

Slow Motion

By setting keyframes, you can create smooth, consistent slow motion or speed up your video to create an exciting fast-paced effect. In between your keyframes, your video editing software will automatically interpolate or fill in the frames to create a smooth, realistic motion.

How to Prepare For Using Keyframes

When preparing to use keyframes, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your primary requirements include the use of images and video clips.

Preparing Your Images

When preparing your images for use with keyframes, it is important to keep in mind the requirements of the keyframe system. The image should be of high quality and at least 2000 pixels in width and height. You can make use of a background remover if you want to enhance your images first with custom backgrounds.

Preparing Your Clips

To use keyframes, you’ll first need to prepare your clips by adding markers. Markers identify the in and out points of your animation and help you keep track of your keyframes. When you’re finished setting keyframes, you’re ready to begin animating your clip!

Understanding Keyframes is Essential to Video Editing

If you’re interested in becoming a video editor, you must understand what are keyframes. Keyframes are used to create special effects and control changes in your video. With keyframes, you can create things like slow motion, reverse footage, and more.

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