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Joel has been editing to the beat of his own waveform for 8 years as a freelance videographer, but it still took a global pandemic to get serious writing. His quarantine pastimes include building LEGO sets, saving the solar system on his clan’s Destiny Discord, and Shia LaBeoufing his friends to chase their dreams.

Best Wireless Lavalier Mic for DSLR: Top 5 Choices

Looking for the best wireless lavalier mic for DSLR? Solo shooters know the importance of keeping their gear hassle-free. Show me one project where there wasn’t some sort of gear-related hiccup, slowdown, or complete [...]

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Best Lavalier Mics for Film: 5 Beginner’s Choices

In this guide, we’ll cover five of the best lavalier mics for film. A lavalier microphone is a must-have in the filmmaker toolkit. Especially for entry-level videographers, lav mics work wonders on production value [...]

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