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Unique Solutions for Video Production

26 Jun 2013

RELEASED: BMC366 Low-Noise Preamp for Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Posted by Robert Rozak

While at NAB, we learned about a variety of cages that customers are using with the BMCC.  So, we wanted to make some changes to the enclosure to provide with more mounting options to accommodate those cages.  Now, the BMC366 is fully product released!  It mounts to the BMCC, and all the sweet audio benefits it will provide you (low-noise preamp, 3 balanced XLR inputs, 2 balanced outputs, unbalanced output, Audio Bracketing (for camera overload protection), Selective Power-Down (to extend battery life). 

23 May 2013

Atomos Ninja 2 Audio Applications Guide - Using MixPre-D or Riggy-Micro

Posted by Robert Rozak

Canon just updated the firmware of the 5DMKIII to allow recording video out the 5DMKIII HDMI port. Now, external video recorders like the Atomos Ninja 2 can be used. Unfortunately, it does not include audio data via HDMI. So, another solution needs to be used for capturing audio on the Atomos Ninja 2. The Atomos Ninja 2 has a line level stereo minijack input. This can be used to interface with ENG mixers with line outputs like Sound Devices MixPre-D. Although the juicedLink Riggy-Micro is not a full line output (it is an amplified microphone level output), the Atomos Ninja 2 itself has 12dB of gain. So, the juicedLink Riggy-Micro pairs with the Atomos Ninja 2 very well. In this video you will be able to hear audio clips comparing the signal-to-noise performance using the Atomos Ninja 2 with the Sound Devices MixPre-D versus the juicedLink Riggy-Micro. Watch the video below to learn more.

29 Apr 2013

Blackmagic Cinema Camera v1.3 Audio Tests / Fixing poor frequency response in post

Posted by Robert Rozak
A new firmware upgrade was released for the BMCC (v1.3).  Although they didn't announce that there were changes to the audio, they made some really nice improvements.  Unfortunately, they also kind of broke another aspect of the audio.  I'm kind of bummed to have to put this video together, but I've got to create an audio applications guide for customers for getting the best performance possible from the camera.  On the positive side, this video has turned into a really nice tutorial for how to implement equalization in post to fix a component with poor performing frequency response in your signal chain.  Watch the video below to learn more.
13 Nov 2012

BlackMagic Cinema Camera: Audio Tests

Posted by Robert Rozak

This video provides an overview of audio on the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. Unfortunately, the firmware (v1.1) implementation in the camera has some "anomalies" (meter calibration issues, DC offset issues, constricted headroom issues). So, this video is fairly lengthy to explain these "anomalies", and explain how to work around them to record audio with excellent signal-to-noise directly in the camera.

27 Sep 2012

4 NEW Riggy preamps from juicedLink

Posted by Robert Rozak

JUST RELEASED:  4 new Riggy preamps.  The xx222 are the same as the xx333, but with 2 XLR inputs instead of 3 XLR inputs.  The xx202 versions are the same as the xx222, but the xx202 do not have phantom power.  The Riggy-Micro is smaller, lighter, and more power efficient (since they don't have the headphones, meters, or AGC Disable) than the Riggy-Assist versions (which has headphones, meters, and AGC Disable).  All modes have Audio Output Bracketing (that can be switched on for camera overload protection), Selective Power-Down (to extend battery life).  Plus, they're 'Riggy', so the take advantage of the valuable real-estate being mounted next to your camera, so you can add the RB401 Riggy Bracket or RB200 Riggy Top Mounting Kit, so you can mount accessories to your preamp like mics and wireless receivers.